History of Santa Rosa County, A King's County


by M. Luther King. Used with permission.


(This material was obtained from Mrs. William S. Rosasco, Jr.)


We have previously mentioned that William S. Rosasco was interested for many years in the lumber industry and sawmill operation in western counties of Florida. William S. Rosasco was a man of cosmopolitan background and great practical abilities, who exerted an influence which has continued in this section of the state. Mr. Rosasco was also a dominant figure in banking, and influential in the import and export trades.

A native of Oakland, California, he was born in 1854, and given the advantage of an education in England, graduating from Ramsgate School, outside London. Remaining in Europe after the completion of his education, Mr. Rosasco became associated with the U. S. Consular Office in Genoa, Italy. His first business connection in the United States was with the Tugboat Pilot Association in Philadelphia. In 1880 he and his brother, A. T. Rosasco, entered business in their own right as ship brokers and Commission Merchants. The firm was designated Rosasco Brothers and of its two partners, William S. came to Pensacola, while A. T. remained in Italy, assuming responsibility for the foreign aspects of the enterprise. It was these operations which led to William S. Rosasco's becoming firmly established in the Peninsula State as an important figure in commercial affairs. During 1907 this sawmill was sold, but the brothers, with William S. as active partner on this side of the ocean, retained extensive woodland holdings from the continuance of lumbering operations, so that extensive international trading was carried on.

Within his own locality, William S. Rosasco was director of Robinson Point Lumber Co., Bay Point Lumber Co., and also director of two banks, The American National Bank in Pensacola, and the First National Bank.

In 1884, in Pensacola, Mr. Rosasco married Adolphine Jean Bronnum, who was born in Bagdad in 1855. Her parents, Severin and Hannah (Bang) Bronnum, were both natives of Frederichshaven, Denmark.

To Mr. and Mrs. Rosasco were born five children: Anna, Ada G., Edna Vivian, Barbara Pauline, and William S., Jr.

Anna Isabel married Henry G. Wells of Atlanta, Georgia and they became the parents of Henry, Gordon, William, and Albert.

Ada G. died in 1934.

Edna married Commander Walter Decker and they have two children, Elizabeth and Suzanne.

Barbara married Captain Louis R. Moore and they have one son, Louis R., J r.

William S., Jr. married Ethel Paderick in Pensacola on November 21, 1923. Before this time William S. Rosasco, Jr. had graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (1918) and had been associated with the American International Shipbuilding Association. He joined his father in 1921 at Pensacola. Upon the death of William Rosasco, Sr., on October 15, 1944, William Rosasco, Jr. assumed management of the firm as its head. He also served as president of the Aiken Towing Corporation, secretary and treasurer of the Florida Towing Corporation, and president of the Santa Rosa Lumber Company.

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rosasco, Jr. are the parents of two children: Elizabeth who was born October 28, 1926, and William S. Rosasco, I I I who was born February 13, 1929.

William S. Rosasco, I I I is now associated with Santa Rosa Lumber Company in Milton, where he and his family reside.


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