History of Santa Rosa County, A King's County

by M. Luther King. Used with permission.


It is the custom when one finishes a project to reflect on its worth and how well the long range goal has been accomplished. As we consider this volume and the purpose my father had for writing it, we are aware of its shortcomings and have explained the reasons for these in the preface of the book, but we hope the parts included will be informative and pleasurable reading for you.

We regret there are some communities and towns which are not included because they too are important in the Santa Rosa County story. My father had a special feeling for small communities and their residents, and it was his wish to include even the smallest such community. However, it would be somewhat presumptuous of us to write the stories (even if the information were available) and include them under my father's name, therefore we have elected to include only what we located in his files.

So, as we complete our work and prepare to type the last page, we hope that: for those who wanted a written record, may this at least partially fill your wishes, and for those who otherwise might not have cared, may this create for you an interest in our beloved county.

To all readers, we trust that some of the enchantment and excitement of early northwest Florida was passed on to you as you read through these pages of her past. To some reader, we trust that its contents will kindle the interest and inspiration for him to "take up the torch and finish the job."

Martha King Graham
December 1971  

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