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The reunion of the family of George W. and Lenity LaRue Crist, held last week on Escambia Bay near Floridatown, was well attended. More than 47 years ago George W. Crist, first sergeant, 11th Indiana Cavalry, built a home on the shores of the Escambia where there were no bridges and no highways and while the woods were still full of all kinds of wild life and bears, deer and bobcats were a common sight. At that time a trip to Pensacola was a long slow one by sailboat.

Today there is nothing left of the old Crist place except a pile of broken, grass-grown brick where the fireplace once was but the great oaks and age old magnolia trees still stand on the bluff above the bay and under these the fish fry and picnic dinner was enjoyed. George and Lenity Crist died some years ago but a son, Ben L. Crist, has built a picturesque camp back of the old home site.

Three children, seven grandchildren and many friends--45 in all--attended the reunion. Baseball, horseshoe pitching and bathing were enjoyed. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crist, son Larue and granddaughter, Paula Ann Harris, Capt. and Mrs. Edmond Crist of Port Arthur, Tex., Mrs. William Mashburn of Port Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. William Roy of Warrington, Md. and Mrs. George Cherry and son, Charles, of Pleasant Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crist and children, Earl, Jr., Dick, Donald and Gayle, Glenda, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Shubert of Warrington, B. E. Crist and daughter Berryl, of Port Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wellman of Brent, Mr. and Mrs. Travis Wellman, Brent. Misses Juanita and Doris Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Osborne and daughters, Mary Lue and Barbara, Pleasant Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Will Simon and Miss Maud Simon, Yvonne and Mary Nel Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simon and son, John Paul, Miss Annabel Beebe and Miss Ella Braswell.





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