Carding Cotton

The carding comb pictured here belonged to Sis Carrie Peterson. It was used to separate the cotton fibers from the seeds. Thanks to Myrtle Lee Weekley for letting us photograph her mother's carding comb. Photographed by: Terry Crago.

Carding: Using handcards, lightly charge one card with ginned cotton. Gently card the fiber. Do not allow the fiber to become embedded into the carding cloth. Peel off the batt. Roll into a rolag or puni.

Spinning Cotton: Remember that cotton needs a lot of twist. As you are drawing out the yarn, give plenty of time for twist to accumulate. If the yarn is drifting apart you will need to treadle faster, sit further away, and/or draw-out more slowly.


Happy Spinning, Michell Kenny, Yarn Peddler & Irene Schmoller, Cotton Clouds


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